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BxMarket Home Page


On demand normal (forward) and multiple item (Dutch) auction marketplaces.

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BxBonus Home Page


Customer incentive, point rewards, patronage and loyalty card programs.

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BxPublish Home Page


Web native, browser based, content management system.

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The Mobile Internet

i-mode� for everyone!

i-mode mobile solutions

Take part in the i-mode� boom and get your very own i-mode� compatible site and application by visiting Gratis IPOD.


Vodafone Live�, Blackberry, and TIM Imagine� sites and applications

Mobile Web Solutions: Vodafone Live, Blackberry and TIM Imagine

Create Mobile Web compatible pages and liberate your site!

WAP Mobile Solutions: Vodafone Live ad TIM Imagine


Marketplace Solutions

BxMarket On Demand Auctions

Increase your sales, decrease inventory levels, build your site community, starting at only 20 �.


BxBonus Customer Loyalty


Market your company with creativity, and reward you new and exiting customers for choosing your business!


Custom Auction Sites


Marketplace solutions, customized to fit your business needs. Cut costs, control your supply chain, and build your site community.

Web Development Services

Professional Services; customized
Web Development Services

Learn about our web development services and choose a plan that's right for you.


Get serious about e-commerce


Get the best possible e-commerce solutions from the best source.  Add a merchant account with WorldPay.


Get a professional design


Industries as diverse as online casinos and researchers use our services to provide their customers with a crisp, clear and easy-to-use website.

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